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New! Earn money by replayfreedomro.commending Internet Download Manager!

The Internet Download Manager (IDM) Affiliate program is an easy way for you to earn money by promoting Internet Download Manager.

At present time Internet Download Manager is a very popular application with more than 5,000,000 registered users worldwide. Ití»s editorsí» pick on most poplar downloads sites like CNet, ZDNet, Hotfiles, and others. Most people like Internet Download Manager (see user opinions) and they purchase it before or after the expiration of the trial period.

Because of the popularity of Internet Download Manager, you can earn generous referral fees simply by linking to Internet Download Manager from your web site, and having visitors click from your site through to our web site to download free trial version of IDM.

Share-IT will handle all of the sales, customer service, and tracking of sales generated from your site.

Currently we will pay you 20% of any single sale of Internet Download Manager that have been tracked and originated from your website.

The good thing about this program is your referrals don't have to purchase anything right away. They might visit your website, then go to Internet Download Manager home site and download the software and try it out for a month. You still will get the credit for the sale.


You just have to follow these easy steps:

  1. Join for free and earn 20% for each sale your website generates.
  2. Place Internet Download Manager banners, marketing slogans, etc. on your site (see below).
  3. For downloading IDM you should use the following link[YOUR-SHAREIT-ID]
    For example
    Our server will set cookies with your-shareit-id on customer and redirect the customer to download the latest version of IDM
  4. You may set the download link to your banners, popular pages and don't forget to replace YOUR_SHAREIT_ID with your actual affiliate ID number.
  5. When the customer visits our purchase page, our server will see the cookies and redirect the customer to shareit purchase page with your affiliate ID
    This way we will credit you for all purchases of IDM downloaded by visitors from your site.
  6. Replayfreedomro.commend our products and refer your visitors to download IDM.
  7. Receive checks with your generated sales monthly.

Please note that this technology will not work in specific countries where we sell IDM only via local resellers. You can check if you can purchase via shareit by visiting our purchase page. If you see shareit purchase option on the purchase page, you can purchase IDM and affiliate system will work for your country. if you have cookies set to your affiliate ID as above, our purchase page will redirect you to shareit purchase page immediately.


How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing. Joining the Internet Download Manager Affiliate Program is free.


Do You Need Your Own Web Site?

You need some space on the web where you can put the links for referring visitors to Internet Download Manager site. The tracking system which gives you credit for referrals, requires that you link to our web site using a special URL containing your affiliate code. The only way to ensure that your referrals get to the Internet Download Manager site using your special links is for those links to be present on your web site.


Sample banners

Your are welplayfreedomro.come to place these banners on your site to earn your playfreedomro.commisions. Click here to download.


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